About Dr. Shawn Smith

His Divine Mandate and Network of Churches

Dr.  Shawn Smith is an ordained minister of the Gospel, who has received the divine mandate to “present the revelation of Christ Jesus, the loveliness of His person and the perfection of His work, with excellence and clarity for the rising of the Glorious Church.” He has pioneered the in-Christ message throughout the world as a faithful steward over the revelation of the mystery given to the Apostle Paul. His passion and devotion in disseminating the knowledge of Christ, for more than two decades, has led to transformation in the lives and ministries of many who have received him as one sent of God in this dispensation.

He is the apostolic overseer of Gospel of Christ Ministries (GCM), an ever-increasing network of churches, which he has established in every major city within the nation of Cameroon and across the world.

Together with his wife Dr. Annie Smith, they shepherd a global church including the GCM Internet Fellowship, streaming to a total of 153 nations.

Through his apostolic teaching ministry he has raised, trained and ordained faithful men into the sacred order of ministry, from around the world. For more www.gospelofchristministries.org


                            Prelate of Christ Commission International

In 2013, Dr. Shawn Smith founded Christ Commission International (CCI), an apostolic league of New Testament ministers to network for communion and association. It consists of churches from various jurisdiction to be a unified witness of the Lord Jesus Christ, resolved to represent Him according to the revelation in the mystery given to the Apostle Paul. CCI has as one of its missions to authoritatively strategize resolutions addressing contemporary issues of the 21st Century, from the perspective of the New Testament. For more,  www.christcommission.org


                            Chancellor of Theosis Institute

Dr. Shawn Smith is equally the founder of Theosis Institute, equipped with the educational mission to reclaim the ancient Apostolic and Patristic vision of the cosmic and universal Lordship of Jesus Christ. The institute has as its focus academic research and systematic theology with a neo-patristic synthesis, in the particular domain of the development of Christology in the nascent age of the Church, giving a firm foundation to ministers of the gospel in defence of the Faith in a pluralistic world. For more www.theosisinstitute.org


 His Literary Works

Dr. Shawn Smith has devoted himself to dispensethe undiluted message of Christ through documentation in diverse formats, including books, CDs and DVDs, a legacy for generations to come. His works include Jesus Christ + 0 = Everything, freely distributed across the world. Romans Revealed Volume 1, a verse by verse expository and exegetical commentary of Paul’s epistle to the Romans, a yearly devotional – the In Christ Devotions — and a total of ten other books. He is the compiler and editor of The Shawn Smith Compendium of Paul’s Epistles, a corpus selection the Authorised King James Version from Romans to Hebrews, alongside the most helpful insights taken from 170 additional versions, translation and manuscripts from the most reputable sources. He has also covered inexhaustible hours (over 3000 hours approximately) of video recordings of his teachings, majority of which have been made available for free to ministers of the Gospel. To access the store, click the link  www.gcmonlinestore.com



Dr. Shawn Smith together with Dr. Annie Smith has created, , several extensions of the ministry including A New World Altogether (NWA) and the African Gospel Association for Prisoners Evangelism (AGAPE), to reach out to the underprivileged in society, hospitalised and the incarcerated, with the love of Jesus Christ.


Dr. Shawn Smith is happily married to Dr. Annie Smith since 2008, and their union is been blessed with five children.