Grace - God's measureless gift

To create all things cost God absolutely nothing but to bring us into the fullness of grace, the Eternal Logos had to become incarnate through the womb of the Virgin Mary. He took upon Himself our human nature and made it His own, in the Person of His Son.

Grace is costly for God because He identified with us out of love and suffered to the point of entering into death by being nailed on the tree. Grace is equally costly to men because to experience the full effect of grace and let Christ have His full effect in you, you must dismiss any form of personal achievement before Him. God didn’t call you to live the Christian life but to live as the expression of Christ. He has put up an exhibition to show forth the conspicuous proof of His involvement in your life, for all to see.

God’s grace is multifaceted. It has a salvific aspect, to reorient your nature to the telos of God. Grace takes you out of danger and places you in the security of the Father-Son relation, keeping you sound with divine safety, to use you as the masterpiece of His exhibition. Grace has a sanctifying effect which trains us from the inside, moulds our minds, educates us to discipline ourselves so we reject apathy and live a life inspired by the awe of God. It has a serving aspect in that it takes your availability and fills it with God’s ability.

There is the super abounding effect of grace, by which we are never disadvantaged. Grace also makes us gracious to share. In the economy of grace, what you share increases you.

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