Partaking Of The Christ-Life

We are interconnected with the Life of God and exhibit the evidences of this shared Life.

About Dr. Shawn Smith.

With more than two decades of fruitful apostolic ministry, Dr. Shawn Smith is an ordained minister, prolific author, international preacher and theological authority in the Gospel revealed to Apostle Paul. 

He is the Apostolic Overseer of Gospel of Christ Ministries, an ever-expanding network of churches, with an internet fellowship community of saints who follow his teachings via live stream in over 25 nations in Africa, and 100 nations in the rest of the world. His pastoral ministry feeds countless saints beyond denominational barriers, and multitudes have been reached through his book, “Jesus Christ + 0 = Everything”, distributed freely worldwide, and available in nine different languages.

The Divine Mandate.

Dr. Shawn Smith has the divine commission to “present the revelation of Christ Jesus, the loveliness of His Person and the Perfection of His work with excellence and clarity for the rising of the glorious Church”. He shares this divine mandate with his wife Dr. Annie Smith.


Our Communion With Life, Light And Love

An Exegetical and Devotional Commentary of the Epistles of St. John the Beloved by Professor Shawn Smith.

Blessed With All Blessings

"In reading Paul we can sense his continual revelatory surprise as he articulates the unspeakable communion of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit into human language understood in expressions beyond words.

Consecrated To The Call

An Exegetical Commentary on the Apostolic, Doctrinal and Practical Instructions on Paul’s Second Letter to Timothy by Professor Shawn Smith.


"The continent of Africa and the nations of the will see the power of the empowerment that is taking you to another level in the glory and the anointing of Almighty God."
H.E.A. Dr. Christian Harfouche
Theologian & Founder of IMI
"One thing I know, is that wherever Shawn SMITH is, the Gospel will be found in its fullness."
Dr. warren litzman
Dr. Warren Litzman
Theologian - Christ Life Fellowship
"I'm truly amazed to see what see what you have done to build a network of Churches on the revelation of our inclusion in Christ."
Rev. John Crowder
Rev. John Crowder
Theologian - Sons of Thunder


Holy Spirit

Leadings And Perceptions

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Science of Grace

Grace – God’s Measureless Gift

To create all things cost God absolutely nothing but to bring us into the fullness of grace, the Eternal Logos
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Growth in Christ

You Have Not So Learned Christ

For the salvation of your soul, it is needful for you to hear rightly because the moment you stop hearing,
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