You have not so learned Christ

For the salvation of your soul, it is needful for you to hear rightly because the moment you stop hearing, you stop learning. Nothing is as valuable as the revelation of Christ in you, which includes the knowledge of yourself. There is a corporate way of living in Christian communities as members of Christ’s body wherein we learn to embrace a common purpose and be strong in love in order to outgrow the obstacle of paganism. Jesus Christ relates with us individually, yet corporately through the Church.

The Church of Christ is not the place to gather only hearers because the gospel comes with power, not flatteries. In the power of the gospel, the Charis (grace) of God is operational when you come with the genuine intention to be taught and be included in what you are hearing. It is about finding yourself in the message and identifying yourself with Christ. When you hear rightly, the word will be implanted, incarnate in you so it manifests itself in you, with the irrefutable proofs of the gospel.

Grace teaches us in Him, not just about Jesus. In His current priesthood, Christ who is in you wants to teach you the truth about Him so you are renewed in your heart and mind to receive the life that doesn’t decay or get corrupted.

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